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The Perceiver provides content in social sciences at its core, with occasional features of natural and applied sciences that are linked to current affairs. They can be found in The Perceiver’s magazines, forums and blogs. A team of ambitious heads of sections from all around the world lead their respective topics, and are keen to assert The Perceiver’s values and visions into their works to help members form their own judgements. 


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Economics is the basis of policy making in our society. Click here to read our Economics articles and blogs.

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Law has been vital throughout human history to provide order within institutions. Read our law section here.

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History is the backbone of social sciences. Read more about our History articles and blogs here.

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The thought-provoking nature of philosophy becomes increasingly relevant in our society. Visit our section here.


Modern society revolves heavily around politics. Read more about our Politics articles and blogs here.

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Sciences are the centre of speculation for the future. Read more about our articles and blogs on sciences here.

Articles and Blogs:

The Perceiver

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