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Leadership Team:

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Michael Huang - Founder

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Michael is a high school student who currently studies in the UK. He is a keen reader of Economics and Politics, and he heads the politics section at The Perceiver. Michael has founded The Perceiver on the basis of recognizing a significant challenge in which our society faces - the lack of critical thinking in our decision-making. Through The Perceiver, he wishes to gather young minds all over the world and make critical thinking second nature to our problem-solving process. In his spare time, Michael is a keen musician and a supporter of FC Barcelona.

Horace Choi

Horace Choi is a Hong Kong student that currently studies in the UK. He is the editor for Economics at The Perceiver, but is also interested in History and Politics. Raised in Hong Kong and inspired by civil disobedience there, he has understood the importance of being critical about current systems and establishments, which he is keen to emphasise through the Perceiver. Outside of academics, Horace is a keen musician and a proud supporter of Crystal Palace FC.

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Hugo Thomas

Hugo has lived in London all his life. He is the editor for History at the Perceiver and is also a keen learner. In his work, he intends to explore the people who shaped the world as well as searching for our own roles in Society. Whilst supporting Fulham Football Club he has realised that patience is most definitely a virtue.

Jan Tao

Jan Tao is currently a Hong Kong student studying in the UK, and he holds the role of editor-in-chief at The Perceiver. As an avid reader, he hopes to bring quality, accurate, and thought-provoking content easily accessible to students and young adults worldwide. Outside of The Perceiver, Jan is a  lifelong Arsenal supporter.

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Alessandro Armanna

Alessandro is currently studying the IB program in the UK. He is Italian, and he is The Perceiver's Chief Technology Officer as well as the Head of the Science Section. Alessandro firmly believes that science and technology are the dimensions for the expansions of human being capabilities, bringing to a better world. Two of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sentences are key inspirations for Alessandro:

• "Science is the captain, and practice the soldiers"

• "All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions."

Shiv Pillai

Shiv Pillai is a pupil in the UK currently completing his IGCSEs. In the past, Shiv has founded the Law Society at his school and has been President for the past 3 years. In that time, Shiv has enjoyed hosting speakers such as Lord Michael Heseltine, Jeremy Hunt MP, Michael Mansfield QC, Nigel Farage and Lord Charles Falconer QC. Shiv is the Law Editor at The Perceiver, though he maintains his very strong interest in Politics. Based in the UK, he understands how important freedom of speech is, which enables people to express their critical views about the current regime. Shiv regularly talks and debates with the leaders of today about the distressing topics of the moment. In his free time, Shiv enjoys cycling and golf, as well as trying to ignore the score line when Arsenal is playing.

The Perceiver

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