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Vision and


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Vision and Values


The Perceiver aims to promote the importance of critical thinking in a technologically advanced world, where information manipulation can easily be accomplished. We believe that critical thinking is the way forward, and the organization hopes to spread awareness amongst younger generations.

In the midst of many global challenges, The Perceiver wishes to reflect on the fundamental problems of current institutions and governing systems. Taking critical thinking as the centre-piece of our works, we explore the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions in renewing our systems. We hope that our members will graduate from school with a developed, ambitious mind dedicated to making the world a better place.

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Members of The Perceiver originate from different backgrounds all over the world, and hence we ask our members and contributors to kindly respect the works and opinions of others. We include all members regardless of their backgrounds. 

At The Perceiver, we wish to share some of our very own core values to our members and audience: our passion for our subjects, our open-mindedness to solving problems, our honesty in our works, and our ability to think critically in all problems. We think that these are some key values that many should incorporate in order to help make progress in our society.

Disclaimer: All opinions of articles and blogs belong to the author and do not represent the organization. The Perceiver does not take responsibility for the opinions of the articles.

The Perceiver

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