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Article Submission

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Article Submission

The Perceiver welcomes the submission of articles from students that currently attend a secondary school, college, or university (or equivalents) around the world. The Perceiver values diversity in our work, hence students of all backgrounds are welcomed. Articles are selectively chosen by our editorial team. By agreeing to have an article published on an issue of The Perceiver, writers cannot submit their articles to another publication and The Perceiver will reserve all rights for the article. Please note that The Perceiver's magazines are currently free and non-profit, as we hope to embrace diversity in our works.

The Perceiver magazine will start to operate with a thematic approach starting from the second issue. Our team will set out 2-3 themes for each issue, in which writers and students will have the freedom to write a topic of their choice that is relevant to the theme. Students may submit articles on the following subjects:

Economics, Politics, History, Law, Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Finance, and other relevant topics to be confirmed by The Perceiver.

The First Issue of The Perceiver is now closed for submissions.

The themes for the Second Issue to be announced in early June.

Article Submissions:

All articles should be submitted by email to

Please note that The Perceiver may choose to accept, reject, or postpone the publishing of your article to a later issue. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that all submissions should follow the correct format:

In the email, you should:

 - Give your full name, school/university, nationality, and age

 - State the subject(s) in which you are entering for

 - State the title of your article

The article:

 - Should be between 200-1000 words

 - Either in the format of a pdf or a Microsoft Word document. 

 - Appropriately source your work

We will notify you our decision as soon as possible, and should it be selected, we will be sending you an edited version of your work to confirm that you are happy with our publication.

The Perceiver

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